In this class, we synchronize functional movement with conscious breathing while also focusing on alignment, strength, and balance. Postures will be broken down for clarity but will also flow with the breath from one pose to the next. This class is for all levels from beginners to experienced students and is built around foundational postures of power yoga that will increase core strength and body awareness. Modifications, adjustments, and assists will be offered throughout the class.

*There is a short meditation at the end of class, aimed to further open channels of energy, self-reflection, and stillness of the mind.

*60 minutes | $10/ Drop-In 

60 minutes | (NMSU Activity Center)


This class is a combination of Parkour and hatha yoga to improve one’s proprioception and strengthen the body. Parkour uses core-intensive exercises that work the body as a whole using a method called quadrupedal movement or “QM”. This class starts with a vigorous parkour warm up, followed by a technical session, conditioning exercises and ends gratefully with hatha yoga to soothe and cool down.

75 minutes | $10/ Drop-in


Do you enjoy hiking? Do you practice yoga? Why not add some yoga to your hiking adventures?  Yoga and hiking together will test anyone’s limits and increase mindfulness by bringing the body back in touch with nature.

If you are a hiking novice, as a tip, be prepared to walk on the steep and rocky terrain. During this time of the year, there is all kinds critters and wildlife that may roam the trail. Being aware of your surroundings at all times and possibly taking a walking stick is advised. A yoga mat is also highly recommended for the rough areas where the yoga practice will be held. We suggest that you be in moderate athletic shape. Hiking the trail is at your own risk and leisure to the specified yoga location.


No Yoga Hike Meetup at this time.


TRAIL: Soledad Canyon Springs Trail
LOCATION: Soledad Canyon DayUseArea, Soledad Canyon Rd, Las Cruces, NM 88011
YOGA LOCATION: Baylor Canyon Waterfalls

TRAIL DESCRIPTION: Soledad Canyon is at the juncture of Bar Canyon and Soledad Canyon, in the western foothills of the Organ mountains. The area includes the three-mile loop of Bar Canyon Trail and offers an easy hike and scenic vistas of the central Organ Mountains and & southern Mesilla Valley. Parking is available at the foot of the trail at the end of Soledad Canyon Rd.

YOGA DESCRIPTION: Vinyasa – Union of breath to movement; In this session, we flow with ease through postures from one to the next in continuous and energizing sequences. This session will be heavy on standing postures due to the environment.

5:15 pm – Begin hike at bottom of trail (hike at your own risk and leisure)

6:15 pm – MEET UP @ Baylor Canyon Waterfalls
6:30 pm – 45-minute Yoga Practice (must sign liability waiver)
7:15 pm – Eat Snacks (BYOF – bring your own food)
7:30 pm – 5-8 minute Mediation

7:45 pm – Descend the Trail at your leisure

– Weather-appropriate clothing
– 2 liters of Water
– Sturdy hiking shoes/boots
– Walking Stick
– Small bag with supplies and food
– Yoga mat/towel
– Sunblock (Fight those UV Rays!)  hat/sunglasses, etc.
– phone/watch

This yoga session is limited to 10 people. Participants are required to sign a waiver of liability to perform yoga at the summit. Reservations incorporate a $5 non-refundable processing fee.

45 Minutes | $15/ Drop-In