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In this class we synchronize breath with movement. Postures flow from one pose to the next and are held with conscious breathing and mental focus. This class can be a gentle or intense workout aimed at improving flexibility, strength, and peace of mind. Classes are from 60-90 minutes. Each session builds core strength, quiets your mind and increases body awareness. 

Instructor [Angelina Malone]

10:00 am


This class is a combination of parkour and hatha yoga to strengthen the body. Parkour uses core-intensive exercises that work the body as a whole using a method called quadrupedal movement or QM. This class starts with vigorous parkour exercises and warm ups and ends with hatha yoga to soothe and unwind.

Instructor [Angelina Malone]

12:00 pm


Parkour Generations Boston

A weekly outdoor class that is just for women and is designed to help strengthen our active women’s community in Greater Boston. Designed to accommodate participants of all ages (14 – 70+) and ability/fitness levels, this class is sure to give you a great workout while also helping your discover and explore your city to new levels! Classes will start promptly so plan to arrive 5-10 minutes early.

What to bring:
– Weather-appropriate clothing (This class will run regardless of the weather– rain, sleet, snow, sun- be prepared)
– Water bottle
– A small bag if necessary, although you should be able to jog with it (Note: Parkour Generations Boston takes no responsibility for the safe-keeping of items)

Instructor [Natalia, Isabel or Angelina(Assisting)]

For more information visit: PKGENBOSTON.COM